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Southie Restaurants and Bars

Apres Beach at the Seapoint


Beach Blanket Bingo!  After a hot day at the beach an ice cold beer will do the trick.  The Seapoint Restaurant is offering a Beach Blanket Bingo Special.  Enjoy $5 pizzas along with $12 imported pitchers/ $10 domestic pitchers 4 to 7 pm every day throughout the summer. 

As always, Seapoint has

Babbo Pizzeria - it's really coming this time!


Remember a long time ago, when we were really excited about Chef Mario Batali opening up shop in Fort Point, only to be disappointed because a lease at 320 Summer Street could not be negotiated?  Well, guess what?  Time to get excited again!

7 Places to Get Coffee


Cafe Arpeggio

Cafe Arpeggio are coffee experts.  Brewing up micro-roasted blends of coffee from french roast to Sumatran to flavored coffee like snickerdoodle and hazelnut, Cafe Arpeggio knows coffee.

Get fired up! 17th Annual Chef in Shorts!


Boston's most talented chefs will be firing up the grill at the annual Chefs in Shorts© event.  On Friday, June 20th, the Seaport Hotel will be the city's hottest spot.  Local chefs will grill up their favorite dishes during this summer-in-the-city barbecue.

Eat and Drink


Innovation District be damned.  To us, it is and will always be the Southie Waterfront.  So with summer upon us, here is a quick guide of places to eat and drink on South Boston's waterfront. 

Legal Seafood
Established in 1950 by George Markowitz, the Legal Seafood restaurants don’t take their

How do you like your eggs?

A quick guide to where to get breakfast in Southie

You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you are looking to load up on some protein or if you are slightly hungover and in need of something substantial in your stomach, we’ve got the scoop on the local breakfast joints in

G'Day Mate! KO Pies

Looking for something a little bit different for lunch today? 

Try an Australian meat pie, mate! If you haven't tried KO Catering and Pies yet, you don't know what you are missing.  The pie crust is flaky and golden and filled with savory meat and cheese warm and delicious.

7 Places to Watch the Game


by Terri Ogan

Seapoint Bar & Grill
A neighborhood favorite since 1979, this family-owned bar and grill is surrounded by flat screen TVs so you can watch your favorite game with ample sound and quality.

Orgy of Oysters


at American Provisions