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Tony Itri

caught in southie

hot dogs and skating

Sister Louise Kearns and Sister Jean Sullivan

character of the month

Creating a Legacy

Sister Louise Kearns, SND and Sister Jean Sullivan, SND, have been improving our community by making it stronger, healthier and more vibrant, one family at a time. In 1974, the sisters founded Julie’s Family Learning Program to help women and children transform their lives

Burns Stanfield

character of the month

Divine Inspiration

Photography by Joel Benjamin

Burns Stanfield is a man of God with a musical soul.  For almost 23 years, Burns is the rock that the Fourth Presbyterian Church has built upon and each year it becomes a little stronger.

Pam Santorelli

character of the month

Habit: Retail Therapy

Photography by Deborah McCarthy

Pam Santorelli is a South Boston business pioneer.  Opening her boutique Habit on East Broadway almost nine years ago, Pam had the insight to see that Southie was on the cusp of an influx of new residents - fashionable residents.   "I always

Rick Coyne

character of the month

Running 50 for 50

Photography by Deborah McCarthy

Imagine running for an entire work day.  For the full eight hours, you just run.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well, Rick Coyne is doing just that.  On Saturday, March 7th he will run from the Cape Cod Canal to Fish Bones at Marina Bay in Quincy - 50

Paul McDevitt

character of the month

Creating opportunities in South Boston.

Photography by Julia DeGemmis

Paul McDevitt understands how important it is to have opportunities in life"Showing kids that opportunities exist to move ahead in the world is so important," says Paul.

Asia Mei of Moonshine 152

character of the month

January is a time for new beginnings and for Asia Mei, January means transforming local restaurant Franklin Southie into a place of her own - Moonshine 152. 

"I want this special spot to continue the unique legacy that the Franklin group is leaving behind, focusing on menus inspired by local

The dynamic duo behind the Family Engagement Program at SBNH

character of the month

Building a strong foundation for the families of South Boston is a goal of the Family Engagement Program at the South Boston Neighborhood House.  The two women behind this program are Sarah Ryan - social worker and director of family engagement and Cheryl Itri - director of early education and care

Eric Prentis

character of the month

Photography by Joel Benjamin

Eric Prentis is taking it to the streets of South Boston.  Literally, he is walking every inch, of every neighborhood street in Southie.

Stephanie Uftring

Stephanie Uftring was an amazing person who added so much joy to so many lives.  Whether you were a lifelong friend or she just met you, Stephanie always had a smile on her face and a "how are you, lovey?" at the ready.  After a long battle with colon cancer, Stephanie passed away on Thursday.

Jen O'Neill - Being Bold

character of the month

Photography by Joel Benjamin

The thought of being bald, even for a day, can be a bit scary for most.  For others it's a bold and beautiful act of courage.


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