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Need a spot? Where to park in #Southie during Blizzard '15

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We know!  It's not easy finding a spot if you come home after 5pm the night before a potentially epic blizzard.  Here are some places to park your car and find some peace of mind!

  • State Street in South Boston has opened up their garage to South Boston residents for the snow emergency.

5 Things We Learned from DeflateGate

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If you were lucky enough to be around on Saturday afternoon and had access to twitter or watching TV, you stumbled on the fact that the New England Patriots were holding a last minute press conference at 2:30pm.

Boxing Tryouts/Training at Peter Welch's Gym

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Jab, jab, hook.  Looking to show off your mad skills in the boxing ring?  Well, now's your chance.  Beginning this weekend - January 24th and 25th from 1:30pm-3:30pm, at Peter Welch's Gym (371 Dorchester Ave.) you can tryout and begin training to participate in the South Boston Citizens'

Week two Dry January

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So week two of Dry January - the month that Peter Gailunas (CIS Blogger) and I (CIS Editor) abstain from alcohol.  So how's it going?  

PG:  I feel exactly the same.  Nothing has changed about my life at all.

MD: Nothing? Not one thing?

PG: Nope.

MD: For me I feel like I'm sleeping better and

Pay it forward

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Boys & Girls Club Benefit

Congrats to the Southie winners of The Boston Globe Magazine's Best of the New

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This past Sunday, The Boston Globe Magazine came out with their annual Best of the New list of new restaurants, shops, people, ideas and more.  Congratulations to the Southie spots that made it on the list!  

Sweetgreen - 372 Congress St. - It's salad heaven at this Congress Street location.

#Dry January - Week One Check In

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It's been one week - 7 days - since CIS blogger Peter Gailunas and I (Maureen Dahill/CIS Editor) gave up alcohol for the entire month of January.  So how's it going?  For me, it's been pretty easy.

New year - same old message

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Usually a new year is filled with hope and positivity - well, not in #Southie in the neighborhood of the old Gate of Heaven School (I and Fifth).  Someone took the time to spray paint - "Fuck Yuppies" but not just any yuppies - dog walking yuppies.

Dirty Southie - let's clean it up!

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Written by Peter Gailunas

I'd never thought I'd say this but I miss street cleaning.  I don't miss the stress of trying to figure out whether this is the second or third Wednesday of the month or whether or not I'm parked on the right side but I do miss clean streets.  

Have you noticed the

Drynuary - Booze-free for the month of January

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Have you heard of Drynuary?  You know the practice of abstaining from alcohol for the entire month of January.  Well, we're giving it a go.  CIS blogger Peter Gailunas and myself (CIS Editor Maureen Dahill) are going on the wagon for 31 days and we'll be reporting on how it's going.

Got a hangover?

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Help is on the way!

Blurred Lines: It's all South Boston

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This piece was originally published in August of 2014.  But with an article in the Boston Herald on Tuesday, it seemed appropriate to repost.  Accoring to the Herald, Fort Point is pushing for the branding of their neighborhood to make it distinct from the rest of South Boston. 

Original piece:

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

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Christmas wishes to two very important people in the City Point neighborhood - crossing guard Doll and letter carrier Joe - in the spirit!   People like Joe and Doll are what make our neighborhood of South Boston so great! 

Send in photos of people you'd like to thank in your neighborhood or

Psst, No One Cares About Your Elf On The Shelf

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written by Heather Foley

We’re in the homestretch guys, just a couple days till the blessed dawn of Christmas!  Just a few days till we’re (hopefully) surrounded by loved ones celebrating the reason for the season, opening presents, sucking on candy canes, slurping down egg nog-tinis, and perhaps

O Holy Night

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Christmas Mass Schedule