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The Case of the Missing Mailman

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"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Well….maybe not during the winter of 2015.  There is a buzz around town wondering, "Has anyone seen the mailman?"  On twitter, people are in search of their mail with

Southie lost and found

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Are you missing a class ring?  A good neighbor found a 2014 MIT men's class ring near her car on I Street on Saturday.  If you are missing your ring, you can find it at the BPD station on 101 West Broadway - 617-343-4739.  

Good luck!

Southie talk - when do you give it up?

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A little topic of discussion for you to debate:

Is your orange cone still marking your territory or did you chuck your beach chair to free up your parking spot?  48 hours have come and gone since the last snow storm but clearly Southie residents are still saving spaces.

Southie and the South End - same thing right?

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Space saving in Southie has gone international.  Who knew that the good people of the the UK would find our parking habits so interesting.

The scoop on Lent

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The scoop on Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

It's Fat Tuesday, a hedonistic day to gorge yourself with food and drink before the kick-off of lent on Ash Wednesday so get it in today!

Southie Snomageddon Etiquette

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Since this is turning out to be a historic nightmare of a winter, we thought we'd offer up a lesson in etiquette for some Snomageddon-type issues that we've observed:

Share the road.  Motorists are now sharing the streets with pedestrians, which at times can get a little nerve wracking.

Need a spot? Where to park in #Southie during snowstorm

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We know!  It's not easy finding a spot before yet another blizzard.  Here are some places to park your car and find some peace of mind!

  • The Seaport Hotel has also opened up their garage to Southie residents $10 a day. Cars must leave the hotel garage by 9:00 am on Thursday January 29th.

My Valentine's Day by Heather Foley

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Written by Heather Foley

Do you know what Saturday is?  It's Valentine's Day!  Are you psyched?  Are you pumped?  Of course not, Valentine's Day is stupid.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm a bitter lonely old crone, but let's be honest it doesn't help.

Good neighbor news in Southie!

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Keep the stories of people being good neighbors in Southie coming!  Our good neighbor awards today go to Rondo's at the corner of B and West Broadway and their amazing shoveling ability to get the sidewalk looking like it's not winter.  The city could learn a thing or two from Rondo's.

Being good neighbors - the Southie Snow Elves

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With all this snow on the ground and more in the forecast, it's easy to get frustrated and pissed off!  It's not easy to navigate the streets of Southie on foot, by car or by the MBTA and we'll bet you're starting to go a little stir crazy.

Sexy Snow Removal in Southie

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We have a feeling that this Craigslist posting is a joke being played on someone - most likely the guy who's face has clearly been photoshopped onto the hot body.  Call 1-800-Sexy....wait... that's not even enough digits!


Anyway, it made us smile in all this snow - so that's a good thing! 


Snowmageddon - Southie 2015

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Maybe it's the extra 15inches that fell late Sunday night making Southie on edge.  Maybe it's the broken down MBTA or the giant lines at the bus stops or the fact  it's friggin' freezing.

Girl Power! Free self defense classes and hoop clinic for girls in Southie

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free self defense classes for girls

South Boston Neighborhood House Girls Group and Ultimate Self-Defense are joining forces to make sure that our girls become strong and self confident young women.  Self defense and martial art classes will be offered from 6pm-7:15pm at the Ultimate Self Defense

What the hell? Selling shoveled spots in #Southie

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File this one under BALLSY!  We stumbled across this new Craigslist post selling on street parking for $150!  

$150 Southie - Street Parking near Broadway (South Boston)
I'm clearing the snow off my SUV tonight, but I park in a garage elsewhere in the city.

5 Things We Learned from DeflateGate

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If you were lucky enough to be around on Saturday afternoon and had access to twitter or watching TV, you stumbled on the fact that the New England Patriots were holding a last minute press conference at 2:30pm.