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Southie Crime Alert

Spot Saver Thieves

Be on the lookout for a red pick up truck with two males wearing KAAT Services jackets.  Apparently, they are swiping old beach chairs and selling them as scraps. 

Luckily, local resident and part-time McGruff Josh Parra was on the scene and caught those space saver bandits red handed.  He had the thieving duo empty the back of their pick up truck filled with beach chairs and spot savers. Parra called Katt Services to report it and the owner informed him that those employees had been fired for stealing copper and were no longer employed. 
Currently, the pile of spot savers are near the Distillery at 516 East Second Street.

"I know people probably won't care about reclaiming their items but it just isn't right," said Parra.  Not to mention the fact they probably lost their spot - which probably hurts the most!

Thank you Josh Parra - it's people like you that get involved that make our neighborhood a little bit better!


Anonymous's picture

Now there's a pile of lawn chairs on the street. Awesome

theresa's picture

I thought the trash took mine. Since it was trash day on my street. I was gone only an hour and it was gone :(

Vinny's picture

That truck parks on Dorchester Street between the Gavin (Up Academy) and St. Augustines Cemetary.

Anonymous's picture

If it's not scum bags like this than it's some yuppie on the street who hates the fact that people put out space savers. If you spend the time in this case 1-2 hours shoveling out a spot it;'s yours no matter what your new neighbor or the mayor says. I caught a guy walking on 7th st between D and E taking people chairs out of the spot and tossing them in snow banks. Nice to see someone stepping in to help. There may be a pile of chairs on 2nd but at least these guys didn't make a buck.

Somethings should never change, saving a spot you worked hard to shovel out definitely being one of them.

Al Danley's picture

Any thing put in the street that does not have four wheels and is a legally registered and insured motor vehicle should be immediately pick upped and discarded by city sanitation. The address it is in front of given a citation. This is part of the problem people feel entitled to claim a spot. If so then why is not any different any other day. Because you shelved some snow? Where you parked was clear.

JJJ's picture

Picking up discarded trash is theft now?

Frank's picture

The parking ban ended yesterday and you can't save spots anymore.  If you leave random junk in the street, what do you expect to happen to it?  

zinzan's picture

That stuff is left in the street. Not a crime to take it away for whatever purpose. You have abandoned that property. Period. 

That Guy's picture

Since you can't claim a spot as yours (unless you own a deed or lease for the spot) I toss spot blocking items on the sidewalk as I walk by. I'm not profiting or stealing, simply moving debrit from the roadways. It's my way of fighting the whiner crime of wahhhhh a dug out that spot. I've dug out 2 spots a day for 3 consecutive days in the past and didn't bitch. Part of living in the city.

waitwhat's picture

If something of negligible value is left unattended on a public street, anyone is free to take it. If you care about your chair (table, cone, trashcan, toilet...), then leave it on your own property.

Anonymous's picture

It not a crime. They are not stealing anything those idiots put trash in the street.

ahoy polloi's picture

They should be honored with a feast.  "Spot saving" is for savages. It's a public street you Southie mouthbreathers.  

Boston George's picture

Wow... animosity much? A person who is "Spot saving" is in no way equivalent to a "mouthbreather". That is very offensive to read that there are people out there without enough intelligence (as you say mouthbreather) to consider the role that culture plays in Southie and it's silly spot saving practice. There are generations of hardworking loving families who have built their lives in Southie and back before it became this new "young folk soho" , or as we coin "yuppies"  (a selection of airhead out of towners who dont understand or comprehend the culture) , the streets had less cars, parking permits were non existent, and the entire community from West Broadway to Castle Island treated eachother like neighbors. Your negative energy is a waste of space and all I can say further is that I hope you don't expell that vibe onto others on a daily basis, it's pointless and unecessary. And in fact, that attitude is what creates a problem in the "spot saving" because on the occurance someone has an arguement with a neighbor over it, animosity is created and festers on the streets, influencing this jaundiced resentful behavior to emerge.

Grow some perspective. Find happiness.

P.A. 's picture

Hey, if you don't like it here, why did you spend so much on that (bwaaaaaaaah ha ha ha) Condo? Go back to New Jersey if you don't like it here. We'll be fine without you!

Matt's picture

We should be thanking these guys.  I don't own a car yet I pay taxes to pave the road, keep it clean and plow the snow.  The notion the people "own" public parking spaces because they shoveled (which they wouldn't have to do if they weren't storing their car for free in the first place) is ridiculous.  Pick up all the space savers and junk them.

Jon's picture

City of Boston was going to remove the space savers today anyway... (see link below).  So we just stopped some guys trying to make a few bucks by removing & recycling the spaces savers at no cost to us, and instead we are PAYING city worker rates to do the exact same job and throw the junk into the dump.

Bostonian's picture

If you leave things out in the street, don't get upset when someone takes it.

Lizzie's picture

It's not about the junk in the street. Those things were put there to hold a spot (whether you like it or not) and if the item is moved then the spot looks to be unclaimed. Then another car parks there and they either have their car vandalized or they get in a fight with their neighbor. That's the reality of the situation in Southie. Let people move their OWN shit once the city tells them too, or let the City move it when time is up. But don't decide that decades of Southie law just "isn't for you" and move (or sell) a space saver to be a dick. Your causing possible unnecessary drama between neighbors and that's the last thing that Southie needs.

WOW's picture

How about instead of picking up the space savers the city comes and cleans up the piles of snow blocking all the ramps and fire lane

scott's picture

I think I'm the guy that was caught throwing chairs on 7th. It had been 5 days. Four is the unwritten rule. Give people an inch and they take a mile. At least respect the unwritten rule. I understand traditions but don't take advantage of neighborly courtesy. Botttom line spots on the street are owned by the city regardless of what type of work you do on them.

Mamunur's picture

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