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Cannonball on Carson Beach

News & Politics

How’s this for a story.  A canonball - yes, a cannonball - was discovered by a fisherman on Carson Beach on Thursday.  The state police bomb squad detonated the 12-inch cannonball which is believed to be from the Civil War.

According to state police, they realized that cannonball was most likely

Weekend Picks - March 27th

arts & entertainment

The highly anticipated Fromage has softly opened its doors on West Broadway.  The wine and cheese bar will be serving up, well….wine and cheese.  A more formal opening is expected next week but we say if the door is open this weekend, go in and check it out!  Tweet at us if you do!


Vision Zero - a new focus on transportation in Boston

News & Politics

Positive improvements to how we get around the city! 

Mayor Marty Walsh announced on Wednesday that the City of Boston will adopt Vision Zero - a new action plan for a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries in the city.  Other cities with similar

South Boston Parking Crisis

News & Politics

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. 

We realize that Southie is in the midst of a parking crisis but we had not idea just how bad it is or how much worse it’s gonna get!  According to a Boston Globe article written by Beth Healy, Boston  - in particular South Boston - is losing

Looking for a job? SB Farmers Market Manager

lifestyle feature

The South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation (SBNDC) is looking for an outgoing individual who is interested in agriculture, food, and community to manage the South Boston Farmers Market (SBFM) this season. The Market Manager is the go-to person for community partners, farmers, producers,

Some more thoughts about "Umbrellagate"

lifestyle feature

Written by Heather Foley

Things You Should Worry About Before You Get Your Panties In A Twist Over Rainbow Umbrellas

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has come and gone.  Two LGTB groups marched without incident, and I assumed the parade had officially ushered in a new era of inclusion.

St. Augustine’s Church Condos - The Scoop

News & Politics

Sign of the times.

In the wake of a big wave of gentrification to South Boston,  St. Augustine’s Church is just one of many landmarks to transform into condos.  Although there was much neighborhood pushback - Facebook page - Save St.

Get your motor running!

World of Wheel's rolls into the Seaport World Trade Center this weekend.  

Expect the event to be full of tricked out hot rods, leather clad and tattoo covered attendees, and celebrities from reality television and New England Patriots Cheerleaders.  

Shows highlights:

  • Peyton List “Emma Ross”

Get Back to Your Roots with Nourish Your Soul

Health & Wellness

Nourish Your Soul wants you to get grounded this spring.  Reset, detox and release what no longer serves you with this special cleanse and yoga event.  A springtime cleanse is the perfect time to feel lighter, centered and balanced.  Enjoy a guided cleanse with with a special yoga event.  


Boom! Marty just solved the parking crisis in Southie!

News & Politics

Whether he realizes it or not, Mayor Marty Walsh may have solved Southie's long-time parking crisis.  Back to back blizzards plus additional snowstorms sprinkled on for good measure, left driving on South Boston streets virtually impossible until the city of Boston came up with the one-way street

5 Gold Medal Boston Events

lifestyle feature

Written by H. Louise Messinger

After last month’s meeting at Condon School, I can’t help but wonder- if the games do come- how Boston might make the Olympics our own? Here are a few events we might look forward to:

  • Opening Ceremonies: The parade may need to be cut short, and all after-parties