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A note of gratitude from State Rep. Nick Collins

News & Politics

Dear Neighbors:
Thank you to everyone who came out to vote on November 4th.  It was an exciting election year that brought out the best in Massachusetts.

Thanksgiving Wine Help from Social Wines!


Is the weather forecast complicating your day? Social Wines is making it a little easier. They will pull together a case of wine for you and have it ready to go, so you can pull up, get your box and be on your way!  Nice!  

Here's the scoop!  Email them at They'll put together

Black Friday

lifestyle feature

written by Heather Foley

There are a lot of things I don’t understand.  Einstein’s theory of relativity, the Cloud, people who like Taylor Swift, and perhaps most baffling of all, Black Friday.  I mean I understand what Black Friday is, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and is generally regarded as

Healthy Eating Strategies for the Holidays!

Health & Wellness

These helpful tips are from the ladies of Nutritious Navigation!

This time of year can be very challenging for managing your weight.  There’s often an overabundance of food everywhere!  On top of that, our schedules become hectic leaving less time for exercise and getting adequate sleep.  Here

Dru Errico @Seapoint

arts & entertainment

Dust off those dance shoes

Kick it old school Southie-style at Seapoint (367 East Eighth Street).  

Revisit the good old days and enjoy Southie DJ legend Dru Erico as he spins the tunes at Seapoint on Wednesday, November 26th beginning at 8pm.   Plan on dancing the night away to such local

Cat's meow - a new cat cafe for Southie

News & Politics

We know Southie has evolved and changed from the days of Pober's and Slocum's Toyland.  South Boston now has yoga studios, million dollar condos and even a Starbucks - but hang onto your hats, we might be getting a cat cafe!  

"What the heck is a cat cafe?"  you ask - well, we weren't quite sure

24 Hour Vigil at Fort Independence for World Aids Day

lifestyle feature

Medicine Wheel Productions will mark and honor World Aids Day with special event at Fort Independence, Castle Island.  The event will begin with a lantern procession at 11pm on Sunday, November 30th, around Pleasure Bay and into the fort.

Week of November 24th


Still need a turkey?  Foodie's (230 West Broadway) got plenty of fresh and dozen turkeys on hand as well as fresh produce for your sides.  Don't have time to make sides - Foodie's also has delicious side dishes at the ready in their prepared foods case.

We are thankful- Southie Shout-Out!

lifestyle feature

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all we have and for living in a community as awesome as South Boston.  Foodie's Market and the South Boston Community Health Center Food Pantry are two amazing neighbors making our community a little bit stronger.  

"Foodie's Markets gives to our local

Weekend Picks - November 21st

arts & entertainment

Since first opening it's doors this summer, Bastille Kitchen (49 Melcher Street) has made some new additions to its menu.